Social Media Advantages and Disadvantages

The computer driven tools that allow people or companies to create or share information, career interests, ideas and picture/videos in virtual communities and network is called as social media. It can also be defined as a group of internet based applications usually built on ideological and technological foundations of the web. Social media can also be said as medium of communication like a newspaper or a radio. The face book, twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Reddit and Pinterest are some of the prominent examples of social media. It is becoming an integral part of life as the social websites and applications are increasing. It comes up with its own advantages and disadvantages.


Advantages of using social media

Can stay connected with everybody around the world

 The social media is a great means to stay connected with the people around the world. The social media has the social networking websites which helps you to stay connected with friends and colleagues whom you cannot meet due to time constraint. You can also take the help of these sites to create new friends with the same interest as yours.

Current Affairs Access

The person who does not get time to read newspaper or listen to news can get the information by interacting on the social networking sites. Twitter is one of the best medium to access the breaking news of your interest.

Can have a quick and easy access to updates

 The social media helps you to communicate with many people at one time. You can send or post notices to your group of friends or the people of your organization. You can also update everyone if something changes.

Responsible Youngsters

 Social networking is an easy and accessible tool for highlighting and acting on issues which interest young people. The social networking sites can be used for organizing activities, events or groups to showcase the issues and opinions and make a large group of audience aware of them.

Helps in contact building

You are allowed to build relations with the customers throughout the world by using the social media channels. It is due to the real-time and interactive nature of social media. The companies can manage the customer services quickly and directly online that leads to improved and quick customer service.

Disadvantages of social media

It rapidly spreads the wrong kind of information

 You trust on whatever is posted on the social networking websites and pass it on to other group of friends and so on. In this way the false information can also become a headline of the news.

You can become an addict

 Many users use social media for just passing the time. The uncontrolled and excessive use can lead to severe addiction. It is because the pleasure area of the brain gets stimulated due to social media activity. If you have become an addict to social media, it leads to the wastage of your valuable time.

Leads to lack in concentration

 When you are working with the social media, you constantly go on switching from one task to another. The ability to concentrate on one task gets impaired. It also leads to tiring of brain. The overdose of information leads to brain fatigue and stress.

May lead you to depression

 The updates and interactions of social media increase the feeling of jealousy. You may feel sad by comparing your photos with the friend’s photos. Low self esteem, depression, psychological disorders, stress and addiction are its negative effects.

Leads to theft of data and cyber fraud

 If you are on a social media site, you regularly update your address, phone number, work location and information about your family. In this way you are left with no privacy. Some bad elements of the society may keep track of all this information and may harm you and your family.