Advantages and Disadvantages of YouTube Advertising

YouTube is the second most used online search engine, second to only Google. Thus, one can only imagine the user traffic it gets in a day. Nowadays almost everyone is using YouTube either for viewing DIY tutorials, study materials, song videos, live streaming or any other daily use activity.

Generally, it can be tough for the companies to choose a platform where they can generate higher traffic for their advertisement, however, in recent times, many businesses whether big or small have been turning to YouTube to showcase their ventures.

Advantages of YouTube Advertising

Connect with your audience

YouTube enjoys a massive consumer base as millions of users daily turn into the app to see videos. Thus, the ads that are played before the actual video can help the businessmen in connecting with potential customers in a unique and memorable way. You can be personal and share your expertise with the world. You can also put the camera on yourself and explain how your product or service can benefit your audience.

YouTube advertising metrics are easy to measure

When you are investing your money in advertising, it is important that you are made aware of his reachability and if you are reaping any benefits from the same. This is where the video sharing app emerges as a better platform than any other. You can easily analyze your YouTube advertising campaign and the platform makes it easy to do so. All you need to do is to click the “Analytics” tab in your YouTube account. The Analytics will give you detailed information about your viewers and the clicks.

YouTube helps you reach the right audience

The most effective advertising is targeted advertising. It’s important that you spend your hard-earned money in introducing your product to the right audience, rather than making it visible to the public in general. Google AdWords can help you in this task as they help you in identifying your right people. The company itself states, “Now, information from activity associated with users’ Google accounts (such as demographic information and past searches) may be used to influence the ads those users see on YouTube.”

A lot of content marketing possibilities

YouTube provides you the option to take things a step further from run-of-the-mill commercials to full-blown content marketing. Also, video is known as one of the most engaging mediums as it leaves a long-lasting impact on the audience. YouTube open a whole world of possibilities for you to take your storytelling to the next level.


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Disadvantages of YouTube Advertising

Beware the “skip”

One of the biggest challenges is that you have just 5 seconds to leave an impact on your audience. You need to keep them intrigued about your product so that they watch the full advertisement. YouTube provides the users with a Skip option using which they can jump to the main video directly instead of watching the full advertisement after 5 seconds. Thus, you must adjust your targeting and budget as necessary to make sure things are effective. The other option is that you could just come up with an entire ad that is less than 15-20 seconds long, pay for it to be un-skippable and hope people don’t find your brand suddenly annoying.

Lack of control over the content your ads appear with

While selling your products, you need to keep a check on the content with which your ads are appearing. If users encounters your ads with content such as hate speech, terrorism or any other illegal activities, then it can lead to a negative impact about your product. This can also result in a false narrative about your brand in the market. People might associate your company with the content it is played with. Thus it is of utmost importance that you protect your brand from any such harm.