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Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Classes

The following article deals with one of the many modes of education, that is online classes or online education. Here’s a look at the advantages as well as the disadvantages of the same.


Online classes or online education is quite simply classes on the internet with the help of technology. These are specialized and curated through a learning management system. With the help of the system, students can access their desired classes and courses. Universities have their own portals to keep track of their students’ progress. Apart from that, there are also independent educational web portals or MOOCs like edX, Coursera, Udemy, etc. that offer free and paid courses online that can be accessed by anyone online.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Classes


Many Options to Choose From

The biggest advantage of online classes is that there are various programs and courses to choose from. People have the luxury of choosing any class they wish to take up. All of it is easily available online. Students can take a certificate course, diplomas, and even graduate courses online. And depending on the forum, these courses are recognizable almost everywhere.

Study Wherever

Another important benefit of an online class is that it can be accessed from anywhere in the world. As the classes are online, all you require is a computer and an internet connection and you are good to go. The study material is usually pre-uploaded so that students can access it whenever they would like. Students can keep in touch with professors and other students through Emails, Skype, Zoom, or any other online platform.


Extrapolating on the earlier point, one has the convenience to not only study from wherever they want but also choose how to go about the classes themselves. In order to encourage students to enjoy the learning process, most online classes are self-paced. This means that students can take these classes according to their convenience.

Career Facilitator

Another positive aspect of online classes is that they can be taken up by students to enhance their educational qualifications for a better job portfolio. Students who are already enrolled in a traditional educational program can take up online classes on topics that they are interested in. In addition to this, this can be a huge opportunity for working professionals to take these classes to finish their education or to change their career path.

Increases Technological Skills

Online classes require people to log in to their accounts on an educational portal and navigate the world of technology. This helps an individual understand the basics of how computers function. As a result, students can learn to navigate different learning systems. They learn skills like working on laptops, making online presentations, creating documents and assignments, etc. Many of these skills could come in handy later on in their professional lives.

No Commute

Online education has made learning easy and commute-free. Students no longer have to spend their time and money on transportation to attend an educational institution. Now there is no need to attend early morning lectures or seminars. Students can get onto a class electronically and be efficient.

Lower Cost

Online classes are cheaper than enrolling in a school or university full-time. Many students cannot afford the high prices of academic education. Online classes are a great way for them to avail of the same courses and study material but at a cheaper rate. Online classes cut down on additional costs like transportation, books, extra-curricular activities at the educational institution. This is a great way to incentivize and encourage students to take their education seriously.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Classes


A Lot of Responsibility

A major disadvantage of online classes is that students are required to be responsible for their education. All the study material is available at a click but if the student is not motivated to study, they will not succeed. There are no professors to encourage and mentor students to do better academically and to help their morale. That is not just possible with online education.

Requires Focus

Since these classes are self-paced and taken by the students themselves, it requires a lot of focus and determination. In traditional education systems, there are teachers and school authorities to oversee the students’ activities. In the case of an online class, they have to be organized. Even though some courses are self-paced, there is usually a time period which means you would have to finish the tasks in that period. Therefore, students need to manage their time well.

Time Management

Another issue with these classes is that sometimes students can have trouble keeping up with all the online course materials. Every class has assignments, projects, weekly tests, additional reading materials – all of which can be difficult to manage with the rest of the classes.

Does Not Hold Value Over Experience

Employers usually opt for work experience over the many courses and classes one takes online. Oftentimes, these classes are not seen on par with traditional classes by hirers. This can be a huge drawback for students looking for work.

Lesser Social Interaction

This is a drawback for younger students opting for undergraduate courses online. When you physically attend classes in an educational institution, you interact with fellow peers and like-minded individuals of your own ages. This is essential for your overall intellectual and personal development. Unfortunately, this is not possible if you only attend online classes.

No Hands-On Experience

Subjects like chemistry, biology, physics, and other related topics require science laboratory time to explore experiments and concepts. Additionally, there are extra-curricular and physical activities that are important for the overall development of a student. However, online classes cannot replicate these classes. Therefore, students can miss out on important hands-on experiences.

Pros and Cons of Online Classes

Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Classes