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Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Phones

The world is now turning into an era of Mobile phones. Everyone across the world has mobile access now. As technology grows faster, the mobile phone is getting smarter and better. The vast improvement over a few years in mobile technology is unbelievable. The prices of these mobiles are in all ranges. So everyone can access it easily. Here is a look at their pros and cons.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Phones

What are the Advantages Of Mobile Phones?

  • Communication:

The first and foremost requirement for a mobile phone is for the communication purpose. Even, the telephone does the same work. But the mobiles help us to carry them anywhere and are more comfortable. There is no limit to the area of access. Thus, communication is possible anywhere across the world. Due, to the huge market sale of mobile phones, there are cell phone towers even in remote areas.

  • Internet access unlimited:

The main key to technology improvement is the discovery of the internet. Constant access to the internet is possible using the smartphones. This makes people live better and sophisticated. For instance, maps, booking reservation or tickets, etc. is so simple and can be done anywhere.

  • Smart Device:

Mobile phones now are capable of having unbelievable features like GPS for locating the place or the mobile phone, music player, videos, games, etc. even day-to-day requirements are fulfilled by this smart device like a flashlight, camera, calculator, etc.

  • Business world:

Because of mobile phone technology many companies have been benefited. The profit obtained by the companies is even making them to introduce a new advanced product.

What are the Disadvantages Of Mobile Phones?

  • Human interaction:

The mobile phone makes a person dull and gloomy and as well as craves a path for less human interaction. People will start ignoring others and will be more interested in mobile phones.  It’s now been a fact that younger generations have better interaction with mobile phones than with people. Our attention spans have shortened over the use because of the constant flow of information due to the advent of technology. As a result, we are easily distracted and the usage of mobile phones has only helped in speeding this up.

  • Accidents:

The most common reason for the accident happening is due to mobile phones. During driving vehicles or walking down the road people suddenly forget the surroundings and this leads to accidents.

  • Privacy and security:

The security must be checked twice before storing any crucial information in the mobile phones. The hackers may intend to steal any information on the phone. Also, if the mobile gets lost the risk can’t be taken to lose the details on the phone. Hence, it’s always a dangerous zone to store anything on the mobile phone.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Phones

Pros and Cons




Human interaction

Internet access unlimited

Smart Device

Privacy and security

Business world