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Advantages and Disadvantages Of Mobile Marketing

Marketing is a crucial segment of any company. Without any marketing knowledge, a company cannot withstand its place in the business world. e-Marketing has become popular recently since the internet users has dramatically increased through the recent years. Though it’s difficult to beat the e-Market popularity, mobile marketing has done an excellent job in grasping the users into its world. It is the most cheapest and efficient in both cost-wise and usage wise.

Mobile Marketing has lots of advantages because of its comfortable utilities provided in it. Being an emerging field in the market has its own disadvantage as well.

What is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile marketing is a type of marketing technique that utilizes mobile devices to promote products or services with a targetted approach towards their audience. In other words, businesses try to market themselves to you via your mobile devices. Marketers do their research on the emerging trends and specific wants of a target audience. On the basis of the data collected and interpreted, they promote brands and businesses with the information gathered. Examples of mobile marketing include App-based marketing, In-game mobile marketing, QR codes, Location-based marketing, search ads on smartphones, image ads, SMS, etc.

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Advantages and Disadvantages Of Mobile Marketing

What are the Advantages of Mobile Marketing?

  • Faster Access:

The mobile marketing is faster in many ways, be it an image or text or a video, it can be easily carried and accessed instantly when needed. So, it helps in monitoring the works, and updates can be checked regularly; making it less expensive and less time-consuming.

  • User Friendly:

The working interface is easy in mobiles so people prefer more mobile than desktop computers. Thus, it provides the information on issuing the promotion or product ideas to the users easily. Self – Note – The screen size is also the main key for user friendly.

  • Knowledge About Device:

Mobile marketing involves direct market technique that helps the customers to interact about their preferences in mobiles. Also, they get to know more about the mobile. Feedback can also be given to make more effective marketing.

  • Large Coverage:

Coverage is the huge circle in Mobile Marketing. The sharing of any files becomes a simple task. People share their new interest in offers or any information to others which is a good sign for the company’s growth.

  • Mobile Banking and Micro-Blogging:

Recently, banks started encouraging mobile banking to acquire more users; and all types of payments are mostly done through mobiles. Since it’s more efficient and less time-consuming. Even Twitter, Facebook, etc. has more mobile users than any other device users.

What are the Disadvantages of Mobile Marketing?

  • Huge Circle:

It is both advantage and disadvantage since, getting a campaign done in one single circle is complex. Meeting everyone’s preference is an impossible task.

  • Security:

Online privacy has to be checked regularly to prevent any distractions or hacking. Mapping with the help of a mobile is possible when any route is to be searched. But securing one’s location is also essential.

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Mobile Marketing

  • Creative:

Creative thoughts in making new mobiles should be present to make this business model sustainable in the first place. Since there are lots of mobile in the markets people will pick out the mobile according to usage, interface, and looks of it. Hence, adding more details in the outer part of the mobile devices is important.

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Faster Access

Huge Circle

User Friendly


Knowledge About Device


Large Coverage

Mobile Banking and Micro-Blogging