Advantages and Disadvantages of LinkedIn Learning

Lynda, also known as LinkedIn Learning is an American website that provides an online education portal to the students and working professionals to excel in their fields or learn new things by the industry experts via online videos. All the courses on LinkedIn Learning fall into 3 categories: Business, Creative, and Technology and boasts of having a massive user base of millions of people across the globe.

The history of the online portal dates back to 1995 as it was initially known as and was founded by Lynda Weinman in Ojai, California. The main purpose of the website was to act as an online support for the books and classes of Lynda Weinman, a special effects animator and multimedia professor who founded a digital arts school with her husband, artist Bruce Heavin.

In 2002, the company began offering courses online and slowly and steadily became a popular name among the masses. Lynda was acquired by LinkedIn in 2015 which was further purchased by Microsoft in December 2016. Though the website has been growing ever since its inception and is known for producing great education videos, there are some pros and cons to it and you should be aware of them before deciding to buy the subscription of the website.

Here are the pros and cons of learning via Lynda.

LinkedIn Learning

Pros of LinkedIn Learning

Great video quality

One thing you can be assured of while buying LinkedIn Learning courses is the video and audio quality of the videos offered to the users. The video production in all Lynda courses is high-quality. The presentation of all the courses is also top-notch and you will rarely be complaining about the poor quality of the visuals or the audio.

Higher standards for teachers

Unlike other online portals, LinkedIn Learning boasts of providing content and is made and edited by the experts of that particular area. There are hardly any faults in the content provided to the users. Teachers are expected to go through a rigorous selection process before they are approved for publishing their courses on the website. Not just anyone can sign up and create a course.

One flat fee

You don’t have to individually pay for every other course on Lynda. All you need to do is to pay a monthly subscription fee for getting access to thousands of videos for a month. It’s a bargain if you’re someone who consumes a large amount of premium educational content. Also, you will get one month of free learning if you decide to subscribe to the website.

Well designed mobile app

One of the major advantages of LinkedIn Learning is that its interface is user-friendly and works well on both Android and iOS devices and has well-developed applications for both. These apps also allow you to download your courses so that you can watch them offline, even when you’re on the go.

LinkedIn Learning

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Cons of LinkedIn Learning

More limited topics

As Lynda forms as part of LinkedIn you are more likely to encounter career-oriented content that can help you progress in your field. Business subjects like sales, marketing, and management are heavily represented along with technology based subjects like programming and coding. However, you may have a harder time finding more creative-oriented topics, aside from specific topics with business applications, like graphics.


Lynda is almost twice as expensive as some other subscription-based course platforms like Skillshare. The content is high quality, but perhaps not superior enough to warrant the extra monthly cost. Also, you might don’t want to pay for all the courses when all you want is one particular course from the whole website. In addition, you haven’t have access to the courses after a month and will be required to buy the monthly subscription again in case you wish to revise the course or haven’t completed it.

No Review Of Courses

One of the biggest disadvantages of Lynda learning is that it doesn’t allow the users to rate or review the courses. There is no means through which the users can let other people know which course is beneficial and which is just a waste of their time. The rating could be helpful in sorting what kind of problems the other users faced while studying a particular course.

No Project

Doing a project enhances your understanding about that particular topic and helps to gain more practical and theoretical knowledge. However, there are very few courses on the site that offer projects to their users for hands-on practice. This limits the learning as you will be deprived of a real-time project.