Advantages and Disadvantages of Instagram Advertising

Photo and video sharing social networking service, Instagram is one of the world’s fastest growing apps and has created a user base of its own in a short span of time. Almost, every teenager is hooked to this app as it has set itself apart from the rest of social media platforms. As a visual platform, Instagram promotes creativity, expression, and innovation for its users. It has also caught the eye of businesses looking to connect with the platform’s vast user database. 

Promoting their products on Instagram creates opportunities for the companies to connect with the audience that is young, creative, more inclined towards technology and more willing to participate with the brand advertisements. According to a survey, Instagram users are 58 times more likely to comment, like, or share a brand’s post than on Facebook. And 120 times more likely than Twitter users. These are the huge numbers and can take your brand to greater heights if you manage to engage the audience with the brand. 

However, this doesn’t mean that Instagram is a perfect medium for every company to advertise their products. Just like every other thing, advertising on Instagram has its own pros and cons. 

Advantages of Instagram Advertising 

Detailed Targeting

If you opt for Instagram’s paid advertising you can be assured that your brand reaches the right audience as whether you want to target by interests, locations, behaviors, demographics, or even match a current customer list, Instagram advertising makes sure your message will be seen by the right audience. Instagram’s algorithm is such that it will make sure to help you reach your targeted audience. 

Eye Catching

It is the basic thing that if you need people to show interest in your product, then it should be eye-appealing. Instagram is one such platform where people like seeing something that is catchy, quirky and attractive. Thus, if you produce good photo and video content, you can easily connect with millions of users on the app. The majority of Instagram content uploaded by users is recorded and shot on their phone, meaning brands don’t need high creative budgets or super technical content to relate with their consumers.

Sell More

In recent years, Instagram has allowed the business pages to link their shopping websites and create more and more shopping posts. Collection Ads, introduced into testing in early 2018, use a combination of photos and videos to highlight products in a compelling way and allow users to make purchases without even leaving the platform.


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Disadvantages of Instagram Advertising 

Limited Audience

Instagram has a huge active monthly user base with about 800 million active monthly users. However, this might not be appealing to many companies as most of the active users on Instagram belong to the age group of 18 to 29 years. The video and photo sharing platform isn’t popular among the people belonging to older age groups. Thus, if product requires you to connect with the older audience, then you might need to look at alternative options.

Words Aren’t Pretty

As mentioned above, to survive and grow on Instagram you need content that is catchy, quirky and attractive. You can’t promote your brand by using more words. People in their 20s won’t like to spend their time reading whole paragraphs about your products. Instead, they connect more with the things that are eye-catching. Thus, you have to use creativity to showcase or tease content, and direct users to the site. However, there might be some brands who won’t find this appealing. 

Time Consuming

Maintaining a business page on Instagram requires a lot of efforts and time. You constantly need to post things, conduct virtual activities to ensure that your audience is connected with you. You can’t just post advertisements of your brand as that can cause boredom. Consumers have the ability to comment and interact with the ads, which will require monitoring.

All being said, at the end it depends on the requirements of your product. While deciding on whether to use Instagram for your product or not, you should keep in mind the above listed pros and cons. Social media is a place where brand loyalty can either be created or destroyed. It’s up to you how to find your customers and connect them with your product, service or brand.