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Advantages and Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence started as an academic subject and has become a very common topic among everyone. So much so that it is not just a remote possibility in the future anymore. We are currently using artificial intelligence in every way possible. This article will look into what encompasses artificial intelligence and whether it is here to stay.


Artificial intelligence (AI) or machine intelligence is the ability of a machine or a computer to perform tasks that need human intelligence. In simple words, they are machines that showcase intelligence. When we think of artificial intelligence, we immediately think of computer-controlled robots. But robotics is only a sub-field in the vast subject of artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence works on the principle that machines can quantify as well as mimic human intelligence. And with this, it can perform human tasks with higher efficiency. The goal of artificial intelligence is around learning, reasoning, and perception. AI uses algorithms to process and solve tasks and problems.

Artificial intelligence is applied in various fields that include speech recognition, gaming, handwriting recognition, language processing, etc.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence


Digital Assistance

One of the most important benefits of artificial intelligence is its ability to provide us digital assistance in our day-to-day lives. Almost all of us rely on technology every day. Be it our smartphones, laptops, printers, televisions, etc. – all of this helps us function better daily. But what goes unnoticed is that all of this is possible because of AI. For instance, the various applications on our phones like GPS, Emails, Delivery Apps, facial recognition to unlock our phones and even the autocorrect feature are all possible because of interface fed in with the help of machine intelligence. Companies use this technology to organize and manage big data easily and without any hassle.


Another advantage of artificial intelligence is its ability to do many things at the same time with accuracy and swiftness. This is a big advantage over human beings that cannot guarantee accuracy every time.

Medical Uses

Another major breakthrough that we have achieved through artificial intelligence is to use it for medical advancement. And over the years, we have made considerable strides. There are technologies that help with diagnosing diseases quicker. Technologies like Radiotherapy help mitigate deadly cancer tumors and diseases as well. In addition, medical professionals are now taught to handle and use machines that use machine intelligence for surgeries, medical tests, etc.

Avoids Human Error

Machines base their problem solving on data that is fed to it as well as previous data records. Because of this, there is hardly any scope for error. Especially with the use of algorithms, the chances of any error decreases even further. This eliminates unnecessary time spent on rectifying mistakes that would have been made by individuals. Corporations and organizations prefer using computer-aided programs to solve problems because it saves time and gives the best possible outcome.

Constant Availability

Computers work round the clock. They do not require rest or don’t switch on their own. As a result, we have a problem-solving machine that is available to us at all times. Artificial intelligence use complex processes to perform tasks with dexterity and efficiency.

Helpful for Repetitive Jobs

Artificial intelligence can be constructively utilized to carry out repetitive tasks that do not require any critical thinking or special skills. Big data entry of any kind is an example of a task that does not need many skills except for accuracy. Hence, machines can be programmed into doing them faster than any human being could.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence



The biggest drawback of artificial intelligence technology is that it is an expensive affair. It is after all a complicated system. The setup, maintenance, software – all of it requires capital to run smoothly. And as with any machine, there is a possibility of it breaking down which makes increases its cost.

Increase in Unemployment

With an increase in the use and popularity of artificial intelligence comes a big drawback for human labor. And that drawback is unemployment. Machines are now able to work with efficiency, accuracy, and at a much faster pace than humans. In addition to this, it is cheaper than human labor in the longer run. As a result, machines will eventually displace low-skilled jobs.

Too Much Dependency on Technology

Another problem with our incessant use of technology in every aspect of our lives is that we are heavily dependent on it and not in a good way. We use technology the minute we wake up to when we go off to sleep. This growing dependency has completely put us at the mercy of technology. This addiction could cause us trouble in the future.

Lacks Creativity

Artificial intelligence can “think” critically. But it lacks creative as well as abstract thinking. They can only function in accordance with what data is presented to them. As much as they match up to the intellect of human beings, they definitely lack the emotional quotient (EQ) that human beings are required in certain tasks. Unfortunately, machines cannot replicate this.

Ethical Aspect

AI lacks the ability to understand ethics and morality. It is difficult to feed in these concepts into a machine as they are not quantifiable. Therefore, when posed with a moral dilemma, machines cannot take a holistic approach to the solution because they do not know any better.

Cannot Replace Humans

At the end of the day, no matter how much technology tries to mimic human intellect, it cannot really replace human beings in every aspect. Getting things done quickly does not guarantee efficiency. Moreover, machines can make mistakes. They cannot feel like a human being does and cannot fully approach situations the way that a human can.

To sum up, as long as the purpose of using artificial intelligence is not misused, this technology can be helpful in advancing science for the greater good.

Pros and Cons of Artificial Intelligence