Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Learning

An education that takes place over the internet is called as online learning. It is also sometimes called as e-learning, mlearning or computer based training. It is done without meeting a teacher in the classroom. It is operated via computer and web browser. Online learning normally involves creation of PowerPoint presentations to describe the learning content. It can also be represented in the form of audio/video. The learning content is converted into a single course ware and uploaded in to the learning management system. Online learning can be either asynchronous or synchronous.


Advantages of Online learning

It saves your time and money:

It reduces your time that you have to spend away from office or home and avoids the travelling time and money. It also saves time that is required for reading the printed materials. Hence, it increases the overall productivity.

You can learn from anywhere and any time:

The courses that do not operate online generally operate within the normal office hours. This creates disruptions in your busy working schedule. But the online learning can be taken from anywhere irrespective of the location and it can be done at any of the flexible timings throughout the day as per your convenience. A flexible learning environment from any location is provided to you but you need to have good internet connection to keep the learning process going.

You are able to work at your own pace:

Online learning can suits the needs of the majority. If you feel that you are aware of the particular area of the course and don’t wish to spend the hour on it again then you can skip that part and can utilize the time on the area which you feel complicated.

Provides you top notch training:

A high level of specialization is provided by online learning. The cutting edge content is taught by the most highly skilled teachers and professionals in the process of online learning. It provides you with a unique and specialized skill of your interest which is taught by an expert and hence it increases your confidence.

It keeps up with the updated content:

Traditional educations program are criticized because they cannot keep up with the technological changes. Up to date learning content is available within the days after updates are made. The internet is truly able to keep up with the rapidly changing world.

It provides you with more interaction and greater ability to concentrate:

The online learning provides shy students with an opportunity to interact and participate in class discussion with more ease as compared to face-to-face class discussion. It is easier to concentrate on studies as they are not affected by other students and classroom activity.

Disadvantages of online learning

 Leads to isolation:

Though online education provides you with flexible class timings it gives you a feel of isolation. It gives you a feeling that you are acting completely alone. It may not allow you to discuss the difficulties with your teacher or any of your friends.

Lack of practical skills:

The online learning can teach all the theoretical knowledge but lacks some practical skills that are hard to pick up. Some practical experience is essential for some of the subject skills like that of engineering. It totally lacks hands on experience or practical knowledge that can be gained in original classroom.

It does not suit everybody:

If you are unable to manage your time between home, work and study then online learning can prove to be disadvantageous. If a planned schedule suits you then letting yourself study at your own space may cause you to fail to complete the whole degree program. If you are not comfortable with the online learning material and prefer to listen to lecture instead of reading it then also it may prove disadvantageous.

Affects your health:

The computer is required by the online learning process. It may affect your posture and can strain your eyes.