Online classes – 12 Simple Advantages and Disadvantages


Learning is an important aspect of one’s life be it applying for a job or for personal improvement. The traditional learning institutions like colleges and universities are facing certain challenges these days like budget cuts, higher tuition fees and course shortage. This has encouraged students to search for different alternatives. Then they found online classes as solution. The online classes have various benefits.

Online education is becoming the most popular alternative for higher education. The increased use of online classes has just proved that it can be as effective as face to face education.


So there are several drawbacks and benefits are available in the online classes. They are,

Let us have a look at some advantages of online classes:

So the major benefits are,

Variety of programs and courses!

There are varied options available for students who wish to pursue higher education. Varieties of online courses are available for students, right from nursing to neuroscience. The students are also awarded academic degrees, certificates on completion of an online course.

Lower total costs!

This is one of the main advantage! Many online classes or programs are less expensive than the traditional university courses. Though, all online courses are not cheaper, the costs associated with the courses is less. There is no commuting cost; no printed copy of the course material is required as it is available online. Also, many colleges and universities have started accepting the scores of online courses. Thus, online courses fulfill all the basic education requirements at less or no cost.

Most comfortable learning environment!

As there are no physical sessions, students can opt for studies from home which is the most comfortable area for most of them. All the study material required for studies is sent to the students online and the completed assignments and projects are also submitted online by the students. The students are therefore not required to fight traffic jams, find parking space or miss important family function.

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Convenience and flexibility!

The most important benefit of online class is that the students can plan their own study time. As the study material is available online, students need not plan trips to the library. Online classes are most beneficial for students who wish to balance work and family commitments simultaneously.

More interaction and greater ability to concentrate!

The online classes offer more opportunities for shy students to participate in online discussions or chats as compared to face to face sessions. Also, many times, students find online courses easy to concentrate as they are less distracted by other students.

Helps in Career advancement!

It is possible for students to take online courses while doing their jobs and complete their education or upgrade the same. This enhances their academic qualification and increases their chances of getting a new and better job.

Learn while you earn!

With online classes you can earn your degree without leaving your current job. The online classes are flexible and hence students can plan the same as per their work schedule.

However, there are certain drawbacks to undergoing online classes:

The disadvantages of online classes are,

Lack of accreditation and low quality

You have to be very careful before enrolling for any online course and check that the program is accredited.  The information is readily available online for you to check. If you enroll for any course from school that is not accredited, you will be with a worthless degree. Thus, always be sure of verifying the accreditation of online course that will save your time and money.

Little or no face-to-face interaction

During online classes, students do not face the instructor. Online classes are monologues and are not real dialogues. It is not possible to build relationship between instructor and students. This is one of the main disadvantage.

More work!

Preparing for online assignments require huge amount of reading as compared to traditional classes.

Intense requirement for self-discipline!

There are deadlines for your assignments, tests, lectures, etc. So while managing your work, you have to be extra careful and vigilant and organize your classes.

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Intense requirement for self-direction!

When you go to traditional college, you look upon your professors to guide you for your future career. When you plan for one or two courses, it has no issues. However, when you plan to undergo the entire degree online, you have to be sure that you are taking the right classes.

So the disadvantages are very less while comparing to the advantages of online classes.