Video Conferencing Advantages and Disadvantages

Video conferencing is the technology by which a conference is conducted with people at multiple locations where they can see and hear each other by video and audio transmissions. It is a live conference where communication is possible in real time. It involves the exchange of video, audio and even text and images if required.

Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) – Advantages and Disadvantages

A limited liability partnership or LLP is a kind of partnership which combines the characteristics of corporations and partnership. All partners or at least some of them have limited liabilities and one partner is not liable for problems caused by another. An LLP exists as an independent entity. It continues to function even if the

Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) – Advantages and Disadvantages

A limited liability corporation or company is a company that has both the characteristics of a partnership or sole proprietorship and a corporation. It can have one or more members who are not legally responsible for the company’s liabilities. To be specific, it has the limited liability feature of a corporation and pass-through income taxation

Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Learning

An education that takes place over the internet is called as online learning. It is also sometimes called as e-learning, mlearning or computer based training. It is done without meeting a teacher in the classroom. It is operated via computer and web browser. Online learning normally involves creation of PowerPoint presentations to describe the learning

Mortgage Advantages and Disadvantages

A legal contract by which a loan is granted by a bank or a lender to a person with his or her property as security is called mortgage. The loan is to be repaid along with interest and other costs. Once this is done, the contract ends. If the loan is not repaid, the bank

Social Media Advantages and Disadvantages

The computer driven tools that allow people or companies to create or share information, career interests, ideas and picture/videos in virtual communities and network is called as social media. It can also be defined as a group of internet based applications usually built on ideological and technological foundations of the web. Social media can also

Certificate of Deposit Advantages and Disadvantages

A Certificate of Deposit or a CD is a savings certificate that entitles the bearer of the same to receive interest. The certificate bears a maturity date, has a fixed rate of interest, and is issued in any denomination. The CD’s are generally issued by commercial banks and the tenure ranges from three months to

Advantages of Social Media for Business

Social media is a wonderful platform for applying the marketing strategies for a business and hence this Social Media Marketing (SMM) is becoming very popular these days. It is nothing but use of social media as a marketing tool by majority of the businesses. The main aim of SMM is to produce content that is